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Cerne to CERN Pilgrims' Tarot deck

Cerne to CERN Pilgrims' Tarot deck

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On 23rd April 2019, 69 pilgrims immanentised the Eschaton at the geographical centre of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. They had journeyed there from the ancient English chalk figure, the Cerne Abbas giant, known for its Large Hard-on.

Before setting off, each pilgrim gave themselves a pilgrim-name - from the Amalgam to the Yoko - and created a representative tarot card, as did a number of "stay at home pilgrims". 

This 90-card oversized and highly non-traditional "tarot" deck is the document of a mythical journey that will be talked about in 1,000 years' time. Who the pilgrims were and what they did when they got to CERN may never be known, but the clews are there if you follow the cards. Only two things are certain: they are all still on the bus; and if they knew why, they wouldn't be doing it.

Alan Moore (who provided his own, literally unbelievable tarot reading for #Cerne2CERN pilgrims) says that "high magick" is magic where you have no idea what you are doing, but must operate on the assumption that the universe is making you do it. Users of this deck are encouraged to practice high magick. In all probability, they will have no other option. 

The Pilgrims' Tarot is a legendary artifact. Only a handful will ever exist in this form. Once they are gone, they're gone, through time and space.

Terms and conditions apply. Always wash your hands. Contents may have settled. Neuromancy can serious alter your multiverse.

No responsibility can be accepted for parallel realities spawned as a result of utilising these cards.




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