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Learning to Draw Trees by Dan Sumption

Learning to Draw Trees by Dan Sumption

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During the plague year of 2021, Liverpool Arts Lab published 12 editions of Bodge Magazine. Contributors to the magazine each committed to fill one page per month with anything they chose to. I chose to use my page to learn to draw trees in public.

Learning to Draw Trees is a journal of that year, bringing together all of the 12 tree drawings, many intermediate sketches, and some advice and musings based on what I learned along the way. I astounded myself with the progress I made over the course of the year, and I hope that you follow me along that enjoyable journey, and perhaps to learn to astound yourself too.

The book also contains a storytelling game, You Are a Tree by top games designer Côme Martin in which you get to pretend to be a tree.

A 44-page softback book containing colour and black-and-white drawings and photographs.



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